@Robby Fun fact! Nearly all of the Barks comics (and a lot of others) were translated by Erika Fuchs who ended up having a not insignificant influence on the German language is is still celebrated by German Donaldists today.

@Robby Considering Disney is based in the US it really feels like people there are missing out on a lot of great comics and characters.

@Robby There are monthly pocketbooks with mostly Italian stories here that you can get at any kiosk, I don't think I've ever seen one that didn't have the latest edition and usually a couple ones back. I've read tons of those.

I also got gifted a large collection of old Mickey Mouse magazines. The Rosa stories in those were the best but printed in parts and was usually missing at least one.

Now I own all eight (+1) books of his Hall of Fame collection, real shame he can't draw anymore!

@Robby She's called Gitta Gans in the German translations.

Can I say how much I love you for doing this? It's a shame a lot of people don't even know Don Rosa's works, let alone the Italian artists'!

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@sluglife you get Brigitta MacBridge, Uncle Scrooge's extremely insistent love interest, primarily seen in Italian comics.

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boost this and i will assign you a random obscure disney comic book character

@InvaderXan The crocuses are blooming in a wonderful purple here, it's quite a sight!

@kde Have you set up a Matrix community for all the KDE rooms? This makes it a lot easier to discover releveant rooms and to context switch between projects.

@Paradox Gonna print this toot and fax it to some people who really need to know this.

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cishet people aren't allowed to say uwu or owo sorry

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Improving your cheap home-brewed coffee, a guide to diminishing returns: Show more

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@amydentata What a fascinating thought! According to Wikipedia 2% of the global population and 2-6% of people with ancestry in western/northern Europe have red hair.

The number for people identifying as trans in the US quoted there is 0.5 to 0.6% but I totally agree that number would be higher if everyone lived in a tolerant and accepting community.

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and the worst part is... you have to download candy crush yourself. windows 10 on the other hand installs it for you, *and* reinstalls it with every redstone update in case you accidentally uninstall it

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👦! there’s no need to feel ⬇️
👁💬👦 pick yourself 📴 the 🖼
👁💬👦 cause you’re in a new 🏙
there’s 🚫 need to feel 😥

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Oh hey, Mastodon 2.7.2 is out, guess I gotta update!

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