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Please take a moment to check whether your remote backup scripts will overwrite existing backups with empty files while the machine being backed up is down :flan_cool:

Relaying this message for a friend, honestly :flan_pats:

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@slipperywerm Heck yeah, don't let the world tell you what you can't do!

I leave Mastodon for a couple hours and suddenly teeth are the new slime. What is wrong with you people?

I really wish Mastodon had something like G+ circles so that you can either limit toots to a certain group of users or just ping multiple ones in one go.

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the minecraft hunger games lobby taught me more about sex than school ever did

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I set up a Raspberry Pi to connect my 286 to the internet over wifi and also act as a fileserver using etherdfs and everything’s just... working

@muppetbutler You should totally eat a beyblade! I mean you do have decent free healthcare, right? Gotta make use of that somehow!

@norikawa @lynnesbian At this point I'm pretty sure federation is magic and only works thanks to regular uptime sacrifices.

@lynnesbian what the hell, system tray has been the common name for this for well over ten years

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