Mastodon isn't sustainable.

Even on what is mostly a single-user instance like mine it uses around 10GB of disk space per month. The database stores 348.389 statuses.

If we want Mastodon to succeed, we have to solve this.

Scare tactics aside, there is some discussion on GitHub about this and the consensus seems to be that removing remote content after a certain time could work.

But this is a pretty hard problem that can affect all mastodon users and @Gargron himself has said that he needs help figuring out what to do.

@sluglife what are your thoughts on content having an expiration date? i personally prefer it over the "store everything forever" approach to social media

@amydentata I think we really have to consider what we want Mastodon to be like in this regard.

Allowing each instance to set it's own expiration date might be interesting and lend more weight to a users choice of instance.

But then again, we can never really guarantee content deletion once content has been federated to other servers.

@sluglife it's true! "the internet is forever" and all that. but at the very least, locally to the one instance doing it, i support automated archive deletion

@amydentata I mean, combined with automatic deletion of remote content (which is really what is needed to cut down on the disk usage), volatile content probably could work well for a lot of instances, particularly the fast-moving and meme-y ones.

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